About me

Designer. Maker. Thinker. Doer.
Always Ready to Take On a Challenge.

I am a creative professional with a love for problem solving, and a drive to always find the best solution. Practiced in print and digital design, as well as traditional art making, I bring a unique mix of personal and professional experience to every project that I am involved in.

  • Print Design

    From posters and cards to multi-page layouts, this is where my formal training lies.

  • Branding and logo design

    A true passion for me, I love helping to define the voice of an organization through its visuals.

  • Digital Design

    A necessity in todays world, I work to bring mine and my clients ideas into the realm binary through web and other design.

  • Product and Package design

    I practice bringing ideas into the third dimension to keep my outlook on design sharp. Normally not a commercial venture, I enjoy the challenges that it presents.

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